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 KOS on Baka Guild

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PostSubject: KOS on Baka Guild   Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:00 pm

Rolling Eyes We have official KOS now since they're attacking us regardless. This don't mean that you have to pk or join in. In fact, this shouldn't really affect your gameplay too much. Far as I know, they don't lurk near the volumes during WQ and are mostly in Westgate or Beehive (correct me if I'm wrong). If you have friends in Baka, you know you don't need to attack them. You can pty with them, be friends with them, this IS just a game after all Razz

To our pk-loving members- have fun Smile We're peaceful for a reason. Not much pk. Pls try not to trash talk unless they do, just hone your skills n' don't hate Smile

To peace-loving members- dun worry so much. You don't need to participate in pking and if you worry about being killed, know that the following guilds also kos them and will also support you:

(To my Knowledge):


I'll constantly try to end this kos regardless. At the very least I'll try n' stay on friendly terms with the G.M./V.g.m. Again dun make this a hate fest. Baka just likes pk- nothing wrong with that. Let's give them some good memorable battles until the kos is called off Smile

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PostSubject: Re: KOS on Baka Guild   Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:14 am

Frankly, I do not really care about pk anymore :p
At least not on my EP , that is. Since I am not so active anymore and does not go on WQ either, I don't get to "play" with them much...or maybe it's the other way around? lol XD

Just an advice or rather, a reminder, to our members who are not so proficient in PvP and does not wish to lose their item due to pking, DO NOT retaliate if you are being pked - just maintain your white name and you will be fine or should be, in most circumstances :p.
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PostSubject: Re: KOS on Baka Guild   Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:59 am

As commander of peace, I'll stand my ground for pking baka, if any member need help and calling help in gc, I'll come and assist u as most as i can when I'm not in sm, hh, cv or any dungeon for that matter. all i can say is i like pk, but mostly will defend member at all cause..happy gaming Very Happy i experiences b4, when in rage or any other guild. i tried to call for back up none show up, but i promise u this. when u call for help I'll come!
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PostSubject: Re: KOS on Baka Guild   

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KOS on Baka Guild
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