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 Meet Eva and Exo :)

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Exo the Smexo

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PostSubject: Meet Eva and Exo :)   Meet Eva and Exo :) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2009 11:48 pm

well heya, Exo here.

my IGN is xExoduSx and my wifey's is ~xEvaX~. we made these characters at different times, mine being the first. Eva actually made her first character an EP as well, her name is EvoletEve. surprised she's a higher level than me? that's not the end of it actually...

Meet Eva and Exo :) Picture0011

take a few steps back, this is the beginning of Eva and i as an item. Eva comes from a poverty stricken village in Western New York, where she was barely able to afford a 40 cent lunch. her living quarters were never the best, and her parents were fighting to send her to school financially. i met her at our college orientation and fell in love at first sight. being surprised i was talking to her (people from her home town who are like me generally don't conversate with her evidently), she let me into her life and we grew to love each other the most we had ever loved before. i proposed to her on her 19th birthday in a fancy restaurant called Ale Cante (an authentic Spaniard cuisine).

Meet Eva and Exo :) Betterme

take a few more steps backward, and pan the camera image on a nerdy little kid in a town virtually similar to Eva's. life wasn't as hard, but it definitely wasn't easy. a sibling of 2 other brothers and 1 sister, my parents divorced my Sophomore year of High School. i had a heartbreaker relationship from the end of my Junior year to the end of my Senior year of High School. i had few friends, but the friends i did have were very close. i studied computers and said specifics such as internal hardware and a dash of programming/cmd prompt coding. i played a few games before PW unlike Eva, such as Runescape and Diablo 2. in both games i had a very serious attitude and focused on success in every field both games, as i do in PW.

Meet Eva and Exo :) Smexo

now to the beginning of the EP/WF existence. i used to use ventrilo to speak to a group of friends from Diablo 2 and had noticed a separate section for a game called Perfect World. thinking to myself how interesting of a name it was, i carried on. i tried numerous times to get Eva into Diablo 2 with me, but she insisted that it was "mine and my ex's game" and refused to interfere with it. i almost drew her in finally, but eventually told her that if she ultimately was not interested in game at all, that i would quit asking and keep to myself about games. it was after saying this that she informed me she wanted to play game her whole life, but had never gotten around to actually playing. this struck a note on my head, and asked her if she would join me in playing a different game than Diablo. she said yes. my immediate reaction was to look further into Perfect World, so i headed to the website and downloaded the client. we logged in and have been playing ever since.

well that pretty much some up what u guys may have wanted to know about us. i hope we can continue our journey in Peace Guild and never give up fighting for the best guild in PW!
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Eva and Exo :)   Meet Eva and Exo :) Icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2009 9:30 am

lol love the pictures Exo Smile Eva is very cute and yes, I can see how the color black suits you lol. Still say the personality makes me think of hawaiian shirt,s but that's just me!

Meet Eva and Exo :) V4coi9
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Eva and Exo :)   Meet Eva and Exo :) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 1:38 am

Christmas is coming very soon and i dont want to miss it... here i wish you a MeRrY ChRiStMaS and A happy new year Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Eva and Exo :)   Meet Eva and Exo :) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 7:39 pm

HI HI Dude!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Eva and Exo :)   Meet Eva and Exo :) Icon_minitime

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Meet Eva and Exo :)
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