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 Frost Walk

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PostSubject: Frost Walk   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:38 am

Aoe/Zhen spots

folow the line ..
line color changes after boss

-Enter FW
-take quest from npc ( captain also open dungeon ) and buff up

- in first room and kill gaurd to open 2nd room
- in 2nd room and kill guard to open 3rd room
- at end of hall and kill guard to open Boss 1 door


This boss makes 2 yellow/orange Circles when in battle...
mostly 1 near tanker and 1 bit further

Stay out those circles - they hit 6 k Dmg

EP:heal tanker
WF: amp + damage dealing
MG: Damage dealing
EA : Damage dealing + IF allowed sharptooth
WB : tanks
WR : Damage deals + dragon for other DD


- walk all the way back and meet at the route again
- kill all mobs ... or when u think u can AOE in the corner near the gaurd
- when the door open all gather
- WB will lure all mobs in the hall
- rest of team folow and stops at the left side way the
- When WB comes back all AOE / Zhen ( if feel stronger can skip the 1 dot )
- kill the serveral more mobs on the way

on the big hall ..

- click on NPC with quest mark
- and Hurry to the left side where some flashy lights show up
- kill all the spawning mobs
- if weaker party kill 1 color
- if stronger - can split in 2 groups
- do this till a ERR boss spawns in middle of platfarm

tactics :
+EP redball middle platform while rest DD
+or EP helps kill

* this quest can be bugged : if 1 DD does not take quest and take it when boss almost dead *


*not right photo - cause boss looks like ERR*

this boss will spawn a purple curse on players ( and it hurts )

Jobs :

EP : heal tanker + purify the cursed players + wish heart them back up to continue heal tanker
WB : Tanker
WR : DD+Dragon
EA : DD + *ST*
MG : DD + heals EP when EP got the curse
WF : DD + amp


when done bugged or not ....

- behind u are 2 groups with blue fox
- kill 1 groups by 1
- start with the middle mob ( he paralyze and cancels castings )
- than kill fox

when back on route :

- more of those groupies

at your right u find a door with quest NPC

-WAIT with taken that quest .... till all team members ready
- this NPC is Ariel : wich u need from the quest u took at start

- ok all take that quest


- behind u boss coming down

this boss spawn extra mobs

Jobs :
EP: heal tanker
MG : kills spawning mobs + help kill boss
EA : kills spawning mobs + help kill boss
WF : same ...
WR : stay at boss and try dragon alot
WB : tank boss and only stay at boss

when boss done take quest from npc next to ariel .

he give u a Item ( true i believe )
its 1/2 items u need for end reward box .. when FW done

when back on road...

- kill all mobs till the corner
- regroup

- Wb lure all mobs in hall
- rest folow and stop at first left sideway
- WB runs into the room
- rest folows
- Aoe in boss room


this boss : spawns mobs + debuff random

jobs :
EP : heal tanker + rebuff tanker when he got debuffed
MG : kill spawning mobs and help kill boss
EA : same as MG
WF : same as MG and EA
WR : can choose .. or help kill boss can also help with the mobs
WB : tanks boss ... also only stay with the boss

when boss dead



back on road

- kill all and guard
- now its the same like previous boss
- WB lure all
- rest folow and AOE/zhen in boss room


*not correct picture since our FW not updated - boss also looks as ERR*

this boss does a aoe 1 hit die - but he give warning

boss give red text
- run from boss ( specially WB and WR )
- rest can stay at max ranged

when he moves or say slash ( go back boss )

Jobs :
EP : heals tanker
Mg : DD
WR : DD + dragon
WB : Tanks ( not neccerary ... but prbly yea )
WF : DD + call pet back on time with red text


back on road

- kill all mobs included guard in the corner
- can AOe or Zhen

on left side door wil open


this boss does Aoe and AOE sleep

Jobs :
EP : heal tanker + party heal when he does AOE ( watch out for his sleep )
WB : tanks
WR : DD + dragon

* absolute territory can be usefull when ur good in timing*


when boss dead theres a NPC

- talk to the npc if your lvl 85 +
- if not go all the way back to the road of boss 3 and take left turn after u passed the boss room
- all will spawn at this hall

- kill all mobs and guard

u will enter the BIG room * where the nice EXP starts*

- MG / EA kills the flying mobs around in the room
* watch out u dont take aggro *

- when all ready and got vigor
Start a AOE in front of hall u just came from

- WB will lure all mobs / or half room

Aoe / Zhen all mobs he bringing ( GOOD exp )

when thats all done

go to the boss bit further


this boss spawns hand traps and AOE and spawns running mob ( he gay )

EP : heals tanker + party heal when he does AOE
EA : kill the hand traps around players ( MUST DO THIS ) !!! - if comfy playing EA and no lag ... can help kill boss also
WR : DD + dragon
WB : tanker

note : NO AOE use , if u hit the running little mob behind him - he AOE alot DMG


when boss dead

another quest NPC shows up

ONLY take quest when all ready !!!


- take quest
- run to your left side where the ghost mobs spawns
- kil AS MANY u can

AOE alot !!!!!

when thats done

- talk again to the npc
( he give nice exp - depends how many u killed)
and give sincere
this is your 2/2 item for final box reward


ok go to the right side room in the hall

where u will meet


this boss does AOE sleep + aoe and spell on tanker

EP : heals tanker + purify him when need + party heal
WR : DD + dragon
WB: Tanker


now go back to the big room

take the left room now

where u meet a big phoenix ...


this boss Aoe seals + aoe

Jobs :
EP : heals tanker + party heal when he did AOe ( watch the seals )
WR : DD + dragon
WB: Tanker

when the phoenix is down ...

sombdy go to the red shiny ball to finish the boss

watch his aggro and attack it



now some harder mobs on your path

they cant be stunned ... but they can stun u !

so EP keep up the party heals or try BB between the stuns
Rest kills them as fast as u can

do this till u end up in the boss room


this boss random fake aggro

jobs :
EP : heal tank ( confusing cuz he fake random aggro )
WR : DD + dragon
WB: Tanker

when this boss dead

dont scare when u look behind u =D

a bigger version shows up

this boss seales in close range + aoe

jobs :

EP : blue ball
WR : DD + dragon
WB: Tanker

he prbly drop 2 X G7 soulstone

ok now talk to the npc on your right side
and claim your box

( random stuff in it - mirages,perfect fuels, G7 soulstone , also little change on FW ring .. good luck )

ok i hope this help your out for the new people who never done FW

now go go lvl up ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Frost Walk   Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:44 am

really nice guide ^^
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Frost Walk
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